½ Day Course


This program is a behavioural based safety tool initiated to improve the safety awareness and leadership of all employees. This program is designed to train employees how to recognize unsafe acts and hazards and to stop, explain, correct and report accordingly. Candidates will be trained on the correct implementation of the Program and be able to understand the importance of safe action and safe condition in a workplace. Candidates will conduct an actual observation and actual application of the program as part of the assessment of the training.


At the end of the training, delegates will be able to:

  • Skilfully observe people while they work
  • Focusing on and correcting their unsafe acts
  • Conduct safety conversation
  • Reinforcing their safe work practices
  • Record and report observation

Target Audience

This course is designed for all employees and it is also considered as one of the minimum training requirements.


On completion of this course successful candidates will receive a certification of Hazard Recognition.


There is no revalidation period for this type of training.