1-Day Course


The course is design by the National Safety Council (NSC) to introduce participants to the idea that defensive driving is a choice, to make them aware of the things that a driver can do to prepare for a safe trip, to educate about the dangers of driving while affected by alcohol, drugs, distractions, stress and to make participants aware of the six most unsafe driving behaviors, and to identify and use safer alternatives to those behaviors. The training course is a combination of classroom discussion and practical exercise wherein participants will perform a defensive driving techniques while driving.


At the end of the training candidates will be able to:

Session 1- It’s All about Choices

  • List the three basic steps in the DDC Collision Prevention Formula.
  • Define the term Defensive Driving and explain what it means to be a defensive driver.
  • Define the term Preventable Collision.
  • Explain the “What if?” Strategy.

Session 2 Ready for the Road

  • List the factors they can control before they start to drive, including their own physical and emotional/mental condition, and vehicle maintenance.
  • Describe the varying physical, emotional, and mental conditions of drivers on the road and explain how to be alert and defensive when sharing the road with them.
  • Explain how to drive defensively in condition beyond their control, such as light, weather, road conditions, and traffic mix.

Session 3 Don’t Add Insult to injury

  • Describe the characteristics of impaired driver, a distracted driver, a fatigue driver, and an aggressive driver.
  • Identify actions they can take when they experience or encounter these characteristics on the road.
  • Employ techniques to manage their own emotions and behaviors while driving.

Session 4 Success on the Road

  • List the six most unsafe driving behaviors.
  • Describe the hazards involved with each of the unsafe driving behaviors.
  • List the alternatives to speeding.
  • Explain how to safely approach and proceed through intersections.
  • Explain how to make safe and legal turns.
  • Explain the steps needed to complete a safe pass.
  • Determine a safe following distance.

Target Audience

This training program aimed to all personnel assigned by the management to drive vehicles which is part of their normal duties.


On completion of this course successful candidates will receive a NSC Certificate on Defensive Driving.


Revalidation period for this type of training is for every 2 years.