½ Day Course


The aim of this training is to train delegates in understanding the structure of fire, methods of fire spread, basic emergency duties, develop skills in basic firefighting techniques and fire/emergency response planning. This course is a combination of theoretical and practical sessions on which delegates will be required to demonstrate their knowledge and skills achieved during the training.


At the end of the training candidates will be able to:

  • Understand the structure of Fire.
  • Identify common areas where fire occurs.
  • Understand heat sources.
  • Explain method of fire spread.
  • Understand fire prevention procedures.
  • Identify the appropriate use of Fire extinguisher.
  • Practice Basic Fire Fighting skills.
  • Demonstrate Self-Rescue Technique.

Target Audience

The program is designed for all personnel in charge of the firefighting team and personnel who has the potential to be at risk of fire hazard.


On completion of this course successful candidates will receive a Certificate on Fire Fighting Refresher Training.


There is no revalidation period for this type of training, however refresher training is recommended every 2 years