½ Day Course


This training will provide candidates a clear understanding about WEIR SPM Flowline Restraint System which includes components, maintenance and inspection procedures. The course will enable candidates to perform the installation procedures as per manufacturer recommendation and standard. The course incorporates theory discussions and practical exercises.
Candidates will be assessed based on their gained knowledge through theoretical assessment and performance assessment on which they will complete a task on preparation, inspection and installation of Flowline Restraint System (FSR).


At the end of the training candidates will be able to:

  • Install FSR on bridle assembly.
  • Idenify the use of flowline restraint system.
  • Recognize the system components.
  • Understand the maintenance and inspection procedure
  • Determine the FSR installation procedure

Target Audience

The course is designed to provide candidates a full understanding about SPM Flowline Restraint System. The FSR Training is a course that is required to every employee who will be in charge of installing FSR equipment prior to the start of operation that involve high pressure hazards including managers, supervisors and field employees.


On completion of this course successful candidates will receive an IADC Certificate of Completion on Flowline Restraint System (FSR) Training


There is no re-validation period for this type of training, however, refresher training is recommended for every 2 years.