2 Day Course


This training program is designed to give the candidates knowledge and experience to improve their skills in their workplace that involves the use of scaffold. The program covers the safety requirements, safe use of tools and equipment, trade terminology and assembly procedures of various types of scaffolding. This will include hands on practice with different scaffolding systems with emphasis on industry expectations such as mobility, importance of safety, and professionalism. The course is both theoretical and practical on which candidates will be required to show their level of knowledge and understanding gained from the training.


At the end of the training program candidates will be able to:

Day 1

  • Be able to define what scaffolding is
  • Identify who uses scaffolding
  • Explain scaffolding terms
  • Understand the regulation and training requirements
  • Understand good foundation for stability.
  • Identify different types of scaffold and uses.
  • Explain different structures of scaffold.
  • Describe the requirements Common to All Scaffolds
  • Identify the different scaffold arrangements.
  • Identify the main components of a tower scaffold
  • State the different methods of fall prevention.
  • Identify the types of access and egress to working platforms
  • Identify the different scaffold arrangements.
  • Use different methods to secure a ladder for access and egress.

Day 2

  • Erect an independent scaffold following a safe system of work.
  • Read and understand a basic drawing and work instructions.
  • Erect a tower scaffold as part of a team safely without harm to themselves or others
  • Communicate with peers and others.
  • Select the correct materials and equipment to erect a tower scaffold.
  • Identify the correct sequence of erection for a tower scaffold.

Target Audience

This training program prepares all personnel who are required to erect Scaffold and anyone who is working around or near scaffolding.


On completion of the course and once proven to be competent, candidates will receive an IADC certificate on System Scaffold Training.


There is no revalidation period for this type of training, however refresher training is recommended for every 2 years.