½ Day Course


The purpose of this training is to protect personnel from the potential releases of stored energy or the startup of machinery or equipment that may cause injury. This specifically includes any maintenance activity where electrical, mechanical, steam, hydraulic, pneumatic or other energy source is present. Additional hazards may include heated, flammable, toxic, corrosive or chemical material. This training is design with theory and practical application.


At the end of the training candidates will be able to:

  • Explains what is Lock Out / Tag Out
  • Understand personnel roles and responsibilities of every employee.
  • Understand process involved in the LOTO Programme
  • Identify the common LOTO application
  • Identify the use of various types of LOTO devices.

Target Audience

This training program is dedicated to employees whom their task involves servicing and performing maintenance on machines and equipment with moving parts and to avoid unexpected or remote start-up or energy release that could cause injury.


On completion of this course successful candidates will receive an IADC Certificate on Lockout-Tagout.


There is no revalidation period for this type of training, however refresher training is recommended every 3 years.