1 Day Course


The is an assessment process developed to assess Offshore Crane Operators, who have successfully completed Stage 1&2  to determine the level of competence in their role in performing duties such as conducting lifting operations safely and effectively on various types of loads in different types of working conditions. This course will enable delegates to demonstrate the safe use of offshore cranes which includes planning, boat lifts, offshore crane inspection and communication within the lifting operation and will be assessed theoretically and practically.


At the end of the training, Candidates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate competence when operating cranes to show full control of operation.
  • Perform pre-operational checks and shutdown procedures as per manufacturer recommendation.
  • Ability in understanding rated capacity indicators and other safety features of crane.
  • Demonstrate knowledge planning for lifting operations
  • Determine the probable impact of weather condition as well various loads condition on the lifting operation.
  • Operate a crane in a safe manner with regards to safety of personnel and equipment
  • Apply effective communication to all parties involved in offshore lifting operations

Target Audience

The course is designed for offshore crane operators who wish to advance to Stage 3.


On completion of this course successful candidates will receive Certification of Stage 3 Offshore Crane Operator.


Reassessment and refresher training must be every 2 years.