2 Day Course


The Helideck Assistant Initial Training Programme is design to equip the delegate with the initial knowledge, understanding and skills required to perform the role of Offshore Helideck Assistant (HDA) safely and effectively. This course will give you the knowledge and understanding where you are competent to participate during the helicopter landing activities at onshore or offshore facility in accordance with current Industry Standards.This course consists of both theory and practical assessments.


At the end of the training program candidates will be able to:

  • Be able to define the role of the HDA.
  • Introduce delegates to various legislations and guidelines applicable to their workplace.
  • Understand helideck physical characteristics
  • Identify typical hazards associated with helidecks and helideck operations
  • Viewed equipment used in helicopter refuelling.
  • Discuss various methods of supervising passenger handling.
  • Understand meteorological requirements for offshore helicopter operations
  • Understand standard radio communication protocols
  • Aware of radio communication systems checks
  • Identify the correct use of hand signals
  • Understand typical helideck systems routine checks

Target Audience

This training program prepares all personnel who are required to be in attendance during Helicopter operation to assist Helicopter Landing Officer.


On completion of this course successful candidates will receive an IADC Certificate on Helideck Assistant (HDA).


There is no revalidation period for this type of training, however refresher training is recommended for every 3 years.